Sleep plan + Basic Support $220

Do you have a tired fussy baby? Are you tired? Let me help you. You will have a personalized plan catered to support your family.

You will get a free consult call to determine if your child is ready for sleep training. I will then send you a intake form that you would fill out as detailed as possible so that I can better understand your child’s needs as well as your goals for your child. I will then take the next 24-48 hours to create your personal sleep plan. We will have a call together with all who is involved in the plan so that I can go over it with everyone.

You will be able to contact me through email if you need to troubleshoot anything. At the end of the two weeks we will have a success to call to answer any questions you have and just celebrate you and all the sleep you and your child will be getting.

**Each child is different but recommend sticking to the sleep plan for 2 weeks**

  • Questionnaire to best understand your child’s sleep
  • Personalized sleep plan with a 45 minute call to go over how to implement the plan
  • 5 days of email support
  • 30 minute Success call at the end of the 2 weeks to celebrate all you have accomplished