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Sleep and the Super Bowl

Here in Philadelphia, we are planning Super Bowl parties. Go Eagles! What if we have small kids? How can I still bring them to a party, stay out late, and have fun? Here are four things to help you prepare for Super Bowl night!

On the day of the Super Bowl

Stick to your routine and follow it all the way through until you leave for the party. Pretend that nothing is different, so your little one doesn’t suspect anything. Most parties do not start until later in the day, so do your normal activities like nothing is happening. Make sure your little one is playing hard so that they will take a great nap for you before you leave.

Naps on the day of the Super Bowl

Stick to your nap times. If your little one takes a morning and afternoon nap, you may need to shift nap time a little earlier if the second nap interferes with leaving for the party. You do not want them to miss a nap; this will cause over-tiredness at the party. If you don’t mind being late for the party, stick to your regular nap time and let them sleep until they wake up. If your little one takes one nap, make it count and let them sleep until they wake up. If they happen to wake up early and you have time before leaving, you can always have them try to take a cat nap.

Put your little one to bed early the night after

If you notice them very cranky and tired the night after the Super Bowl, put your little one to sleep earlier. You can put them to sleep as early as an hour before their regular bedtime so that they can catch up on some sleep. They may need extra support to get to sleep if they are tired. They may still be stimulated by all the fun the night before, so comfort and support them while they are trying to catch up on sleep.

Are you staying at your house for the Super Bowl?

If you are staying at your house and having a party or just watching it at home with family, you can keep your little one up a little longer if you want. If you keep them up longer, follow what to do above. If you are sticking to your schedule and staying home, but you know you get loud when watching the game make sure you have the sound machine on. Double up the sound machine and put one outside the door for an extra barrier.

Remember that the Super Bowl only happens once a year, and your little one will catch up with sleep within a few days. Don’t stress too much, and have fun!

Take lots of pictures in your little one’s Super Bowl gear and tag me!

Sweetest Dreams,

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