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The Best Products to Help Babies Sleep

After having my first baby, I received many gifts, but many of them I didn’t need. Now preparing for my second child, I have scaled down. What worked with my first may not work with my second, so I will update you on what works for her once she arrives. Here is what I loved with my first. 


I tried every swaddle for my little one. Either I wasn’t swaddling correctly (it is an art), or he didn’t like them. I tried the Ollie swaddles, halo, and swaddle blankets. Nothing seemed to work. A friend of mine told me about Love to Dream swaddles. I was hesitant because I had bought so many. I decided to try it. This is probably my favorite swaddle now, and also my sons. He had more room to move around, it zips right up, and his hands were not as stuck.

The Love to Dream swaddle also allows you to transition them to arms out once they start rolling. You can start with one arm out and then move to the other. Now I did not do this. When my son started daycare at 3.5 months, he was not allowed to use The Love to Dream swaddle, their arms must be out, and I didn’t transition him fast enough. I moved right into a sleep sack at 3.5 months.

Sleep Sack:

My all-time favorite sleep is Kyte Baby. They are 97% Bamboo Raylon and 3% spandex, there have multiple colors and patterns and are so soft! The double zipper is so easy to zip it right up.

The best part is they last for a while. They go by weight and have four different sizes. Another great thing is the TOG. Depending on your seasons or house temperature, you can get a TOG for a higher or lower temperature.

Sound Machine:

So there are a couple that I recommend and love. We have the Nanit camera, and it has white noise on it. We use this every day. It is easy to turn on and off from your phone, and if you turn it up, the decibels are good for your little one. I also like how we can travel with the monitor and not a separate sound machine.

Portable sound machine:

There are many different ones. The one that I have and use often is the Yogasleep Hushh Portable white noise machine. I use this in the car, airplanes, and the stroller on walks. You charge it before you leave, lasting about 6-8 hours.


We also have the Hatch. This is my favorite if you do not have the Nanit camera. I use the Hatch outside my son’s door when I know it will be loud at our house or if there are fireworks to drown out more noise. This one is great because it has a night light (I do not recommend using it for sleep), a clock, and a “time to rise” feature for toddlers/ preschoolers.

Blackout Curtains:

Blackout curtains or blinds are a must when it comes to sleep. I bought Sleepout curtains not too long ago for a trip and fell in love with them. I think they are better than the Ikea ones I had in my son’s room, so now I always keep the sleepout ones up. There is a suction cup that suctions to the window, and then you place the curtain on them. They are great and so easy to travel with!


We live in Pennsylvania, and the air in our house gets very dry in the winter. I have the Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. It is smaller and fits right on his nightstand. It is easy to operate and quiet. It lasts throughout the night, and we have not had any problems with it.


I wanted something minimal since I knew I did not want my little one sleeping in my room for that long. We have the Design Dua: Signature Bilia Bassinet. We do have the stand as well that rocks. This was easy for me to carry up and down the stairs if I wanted the baby near me sleeping. It rocks with the stand, so I could rock it when my little one would cry at night. It is minimal, but I recommend it if you are looking for something easy to use.

Baby Carrier:

I have the ErgoBaby 360 carrier. It is so easy to use. You can use it between 12-45 lbs. You can wear the baby in your front or back, which has excellent support. I use it on planes, hikes, and just walking around the house when my little one wants to be close to me. My husband also uses it and has no complaints.

Ring Sling:

I was very hesitant about using the ring sling. I watched multiple videos on YouTube on how to put it on and use it. Once I figured it out, I loved it! The one I have is for babies 8 lbs- 35 lbs. I used this when my little one was 8lbs- 15lbs. I then moved on to the ErgoBaby 360 for a more comfortable fit. The Ring Sling is great for carrying a baby in the grocery store, around the house, or sitting on the couch when you want your hands free.

Lou Lou and Company:

Lou Lou and Company has the best newborn knotted gowns. They are so easy to use when changing diapers in the middle of the night. I used them in the hospital and then while at home. You slip them on and tie in a knot at the bottom. The colors and patterns are beautiful and so soft.

I also love the rompers. Rompers are easy to put on and change diapers, and I think I have every color for my son. I am slowly buying them for my daughter, who is not born yet. They are so soft and so cute.

I recently bought the Cloud Muslin burp cloths and blanket. I will get back to you about how I like it. These recently came out, and I missed the first round, so they have now restocked, and mine should be on its way.

I have bought almost everything from Lou Lou and Company without complaints. I love how soft the clothing is. It’s a small business. They ship fast, and they have excellent customer service.

I hope this gives you some direction on buying items for your baby. I know many other things are out there, so feel free to message me, and I will give you my honest answer if I have tried them.


Sweetest Dreams,

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