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How to move your baby from bassinet to crib

I am sure sleep is on your mind a lot. When will my baby sleep through the night? When will I sleep through the night again? My baby is rolling; should I move them to a crib? If I move my baby to their room, will they be okay? Will I be able to hear them if they wake up? All of these questions went through my head.

When should I move my baby from the bassinet to the crib?

It is more convenient for your baby to sleep in a bassinet beside your bed. It is easier to feed when needed, so you are not walking around in the dark. The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends sleeping in the same room, not the same bed, with your baby until at least six months. This is going to depend on what your bassinet says. When my baby could roll over, moving them from the bassinet was recommended because it was not safe anymore.

If you are not a bassinet fan, you can start your baby in their crib from night one. Here is more about crib safety from the AAP. 


How can you tell if your baby is ready to move from a bassinet to a crib?


Do they look too squished in the bassinet?

Even if your baby hasn’t reached the bassinet’s weight limit, they may still be squished. When you place your baby down, do their head and feet touch the sides? Are they waking up often because you think they do not have enough room? It may be time to move them to a crib.

How big is your baby?

Bassinets are great for newborns, but they usually come with weight limits. Some come with a weight limit of 10 lbs, while others are for 20 lbs. Make sure you know what the weight limit is on your bassinet. If you can’t find the weight limit for your bassinet, then a good rule of thumb is once they reach 15 lbs move them.

Can your baby roll over or sit up?

Move to a crib if your baby can roll over or sit up. They could flip out of the bassinet because the sides are lower and may not be as sturdy as a crib.

Are you worried about the transition?

Some babies will sleep anywhere and will not notice the difference if you move them to a crib. Other children will know right away!

Start the transition in steps

If you are ready to move your baby to a crib, I would start with naps. You can begin with one nap a day and then gradually move to all of them until your baby sleeps in their crib for all naps.

Once you have mastered naps, then move to nighttime. This may be harder since it is a long time in a crib.

Create a routine

You will want to create a routine for naps and bedtime. This will help your baby understand that it is bedtime or nap time. Here is one that I recommend.

Nap Routine:

  • change diaper
  • place sleep sack or swaddle on
  • place in the crib, drowsy but awake
  • turn the sound machine on, and make sure it is very dark.

Bedtime Routine:

  • bath
  • diaper
  • lotion
  • PJs
  • sleep sack or swaddle
  • book
  • feed (do not let them fall asleep)
  • place in the crib, drowsy but awake
  • turn the sound machine on, and make sure it is very dark.

What if my baby starts screaming when I leave the room?

A good rule of thumb is to stop, wait, and listen. Wait three minutes before going in to soothe them. We want to teach them to soothe themselves. It sometimes takes a little time for your little one to get comfy. Babies are also loud sleepers, so they may just be making noises and getting comfortable.

If, after you have transitioned them to a crib and they are still having trouble sleeping, be sure to schedule a FREE 15-minute consult with me at

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