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Is your baby waking soon after you put them down for bed?

Is your little one waking up soon after you put them to bed? I call this a false start. 

You put your little one down and finally get some peace and relaxation. But then you are up in mom mode again, tired and just wanting to sit while your little one is ready to party. Some babies do this just once, while others can happen night after night. These usually occur 20-60 minutes after you have put them to sleep. 

Here are some reasons why “false starts” can occur at bedtime:

Early Bedtime 

Is bedtime too early? Some little ones will seem tired, but that does not mean theyare ready for bed. If their naps lasted too long or they woke up too close to bedtime, this could cause them to have a false start. Try pushing bedtime out by 15-30 minutes and see if that can help. You can also reassess their naps and make adjustments as needed. 

Are they overtired

Being overtired can cause false starts. Did they nap well? If they do not take a great nap, they are not getting all the sleep they need for the day and could have a hard night. They may not have slept great the night before, causing them to have a false start. If they didn’t nap well or didn’t sleep well the night before, try a cat nap two hours before bedtime and see if that helps. 

How are they falling asleep? 

Are you helping them fall asleep by rocking or feeding them to sleep? This could cause a false start. I call these sleep crutches. You are rocking them to sleep or feeding them to sleep; they are enjoying that and not learning how to fall asleep on their own when they come out of a sleep cycle. They will wake up, realize you are not there and get frightened because they were in your arms when they fell asleep. 

How is the room environment? 

Make sure there is no light coming into the room. The light could be the reason for a false start. Have the sound machine on so that noise does not distrust them and cause a false start. Are they hot or cold? The perfect temperature is between 68-72 degrees. Making sure the environment is perfect could help with false starts. 

What were they doing before bed? 

You want to make sure there is time to wind down before bed. Always do the same routine and make sure it is a calming environment. The last thing you want to do is rush around and skip steps in the routine. This can cause false starts. 

If you still need help getting your little one to sleep and staying asleep, I am here to help you! 

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