How to keep a toddler in their crib

How to keep a toddler in their crib

Do you have a toddler that is a Houdini? Is your toddler always trying to find a way to escape their crib? This is super common in toddlers, and let me tell you, some toddlers want out!


We want to keep your toddler in their crib as long as possible. It is safe for them to stay in their crib. If your toddler is starting to climb out, here are a few ways to prevent it.

  • Lower the mattress as low as it will go. In some cribs, you can take the springs out and put the mattress on the ground. Then you can buy those playmates and put them under the mattress so that it is right at the railing and safe for your toddler. I have found that this may not be possible if you have a Pottery Barn crib.
  • Keep the monitor in the room and move it so you can see the whole room, and it would be excellent if you could talk through it
  • Keep the sound machine on
  • Please keep them in a sleep sack; this will make it harder for them to climb out


What if I cannot keep my toddler in the crib and I have tried everything from above.

You are going to treat your toddler’s room like a giant crib. Hide all cords, and drill the dresser to the wall, making it safe for your toddler. Toys should be removed or put away so they can’t get out and start playing. All medicine and diaper cream should be in a locked cabinet so your toddler cannot get to them.


My toddler is now escaping the bedroom.

This is very common. Toddlers are brilliant, and they are becoming very independent. They are trying to find themselves and see what they can get away with. If you feel comfortable, you can move the lock to the outside of the door and lock them in the room. This way, they cannot escape their room if they get out of their crib. Another option is putting a gate on their door. You can still have them open the door, and you will still be able to hear them, but they are locked in their room.


I have tried everything, and I think it might be time to move to a big bed

You tried everything, and now it is time to get your toddler out of the crib because it has become unsafe for them. Talk with your toddler about how they will start sleeping in a big bed. Make this experience special. Go to the store or online and have your toddler pick out their new bedding. If you have bedding, then maybe opt for a new stuffed animal. This will allow them to take ownership of their new environment.


Keep the sound machine in the room. If you have been using this since they were little, this is soothing for them, and we do not want this to change. This will make the transition easier for them.


I would still recommend putting a gate at their door or moving the lock to the outside. Have the camera look at the whole room to see what they are doing. They will be able to get out of bed very quickly, and you will want to ensure they stay safe.


If your toddler is still struggling with sleep, reach out at strugglestocuddles@gmail.com, and I would love to help make a customized plan for your family.


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