My name is Meghan Marchesani, a certified pediatric sleep consultant. I hold a Masters in Early Childhood Education and have always loved helping children and families.  I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband, Tom our son, Ryker and dog, Boris.

I have always loved sleep, and really cannot function without it. When I was pregnant everyone would always say you will never sleep again. I remember thinking that I need sleep so I will make sure my child sleeps. I began researching on how to get a baby to sleep. From day one I started routines for bedtime, and nap time. I was strict with a schedule that by the time my son was six weeks he was sleeping ten hours straight a night. My husband was shocked that when you stick to a routine you see progress. I started having friends ask what I did to get Ryker to sleep so well. I started helping them with just advice and then realized I needed to make a career out sleep consulting so I can help other families. Fast forward to today and Ryker is now eleven months old and sleeps twelve hours a night and takes two 1.5-2 hour naps a day.

When you choose me as your sleep consultant you get a non judgement, pediatric sleep consultant who is educated in different techniques to get your little one the sleep they need. I will make a personalized sleep plan for you that fits the needs of your child and family. My goal is to teach you healthy sleep habits, listen to you and most importantly make sure your child is getting what they need. I cannot wait to work with you!