healthy sleep habits

Struggles To Cuddles
Sleep Consultant will
provide you with:

Expert Knowledge

With my background in early childhood education, and my extensive training in pediatric sleep consulting, I am well equipped to help train you to help train your child to sleep through the night. As an educator I have worked with thousand of families to help them help their child excel to the their highest potential. As a sleep consultant I have continued this into making sure the children get the sleep they need to grow and thrive.

Personalized Sleep Plan

Each child will get their very own sleep plan. I will make sure we set goals for each child based on what the family’s philosophy is. Before the plan is implemented we will make sure that the plan fits the families needs and that everyone is on board with the plan.

Packages to Suit Your Needs

I have three main packages. Each package is a little different but with each package you will get a personalized sleep plan as well as support throughout the process. I will be here to guide you and to help you select the package that I believe best fits your family, but your family will make the ultimate decision.



Not sure which package best fits your family? Book a 15 minute consultation. I would be happy to walk you through the packages and help you chose the right package that fits your family.